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Orchard Gate LRD

AAI Palmerstown Limited intend to apply for planning permission for a Large-Scale Residential Development (LRD) at a site located at Units 64 & 65, Cherry Orchard Industrial Estate and Kennelsfort Road Upper, Palmerstown, Dublin 10, Dublin. D10 E330.

The development will consist of: the demolition of an existing warehouse / factory building and the construction of a residential development of 127 no. apartments with supporting tenant amenity facilities (gym and activity areas, lounges and meeting rooms), employment uses comprising 3 no. incubator units, building management facilities and all ancillary site development works. The proposed development includes 55 no. 1-bedroom apartments, 41 no. 2-bedroom apartments and 31 no. 3-bedroom apartments to be provided as follows: Building A (25 no. 1-bedroom, 13 no. 2-bedroom & 11 no. 3-bedroom over 5-8 storeys), Building B (9 no. 1-bedroom & 8 no. 2-bedroom over 3-4-storeys), Building C (8 no. 1-bedroom, 10 no. 2-bedroom & 13 no. 3-bedroom over 5-storeys), Building D (13 no. 1-bedroom, 10 no. 2-bedroom & 7 no. 3-bedroom over 4-5-storeys). Vehicular access to the proposed development will be provided via an entrance from the existing estate road as accessed from Kennelsfort Road Upper.

The proposal includes improvement works on the northern side of the junction at the estate road/Kennelsfort Road Upper, new pedestrian/cycle paths on Kennelsfort Road Upper and on the estate road to the south of the site, and provision of a controlled pedestrian crossing on Kennelsfort Road Upper to the west as part of enabling infrastructure. The proposed development provides for outdoor amenity areas, landscaping, external podium lift, under-podium and street car parking, bicycle parking, bin stores, ESB substation, public lighting, roof mounted solar panels and all ancillary site development works.